Sabbatical 2024

Sabbatical 2024

As we’ve reached a milestone in our ministry, this sabbatical was crucial. This year marks 30 years in full-time ministry. In 1994 I graduated from what is now Northpoint Bible College and enrolled in church ministry (back then it was an alternative of compulsory military service). We have also experienced 5 years of church planting in Budapest and taking on new responsibilities in our movement. 

Here are some highlights from our sabbatical:

  • we spent 3 weeks in Australia – Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide
  • we got to experience America for nearly 6 weeks – California (Los Angeles, Central Coast), Texas (Dallas-Fort Worth), Chicagoland
  • Miro also went to Singapore for a few days for a pastors’ meeting 🙂
  • we visited 17 inspiring churches, some for just a short time, some for a significant time
  • we visited 2 Bible colleges
  • we met old friends, made new friendships, got lots of leadership advice for our ministry, and received some very timely prophetic words
  • we spent almost a month in one of the most influential churches in the USA (Gateway Church) where we got the privilege to experience a church of that size and format from the inside out (pastoral and missional staff environment)
  • we spoke in two churches pastored by dear friends – Equippers Central Coast pastored by John & Lenae Sparrow and Hobart Assembly pastored by our long-time friends Ryan & Rebecca McDowell
  • I read 7 books (Miro) – mainly around the topics of personal renewal and church leadership
  • we also had some great moments enjoying different beaches, discovering amazing cities, and tasting some really delicious food (did I mention food???)

Our sabbatical was also a financial miracle. When we left we only had our tickets from Europe to Australia and then our flights booked from the USA back to Europe. We can say God truly provided for us! Huge thanks to everybody who made our miracle possible – whether with finances, by hosting us, or in any other way. 

We came back looking ahead with a fresh vision for the next few years. We are asking for God’s favor and your prayers!

With love and a heart filled with thankfulness,

Miro & Marta

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